About Us

we are a team of weavers craftsmen specializing in traditionnal fabrics and handmade moroccan blankets with pompoms.
we are always looking for a distinctive product matching with contemprory trends.

in our collection we have :

different sizes of berber blankets in different patterns and different materials (wool ,cotton ,sabra , chenille , etc).
different sizes of throws for beds and sofas in sabra and chenille.
towels in cotton to go to the beach with a touch of marrakech.
shawls of sabra and chenille.
berber cushions in wool or pillow cases in sabra.
leather slippers covered with sabra patterns.

our team will be very pleased to hear from you and listen to your request, we are here to refashion your goods with our traditionnal techniques of weaving.
all our product go through a rigorous quality check and controlled from the first thread on the loom until you receive your goods on your door step.

if you would like to know more about us and the products that we offer ,please dont hesitate to :

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